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All of our wood cabinetry is finished in a semi-gloss (SEMI), gloss (GLOSS), satin (SATIN) clear Post-Catalyzed lacquer top coat. If desired, wood cabinets can be manufactured unfinished (UNFIN), which will ship with no stain color or top coat applied.

Post Catalyzed lacquer is a water-white, clear lacquer recommended for use on high quality residential interior wood products, including kitchen cabinets, vanities, furniture, fixtures and displays.

Natural (NB)
Light (LB)
Grey (GB)
Spice (SB)
Dark (DB)
Mocha (MB)
Spice (SC)
Dark (DC)
Mocha (MC)
Echo Wood™
Natural (NE)
Light (LE)
Grey (GE)
Spice (SE)
Mocha (ME)
Dark (DE)
Natural (NM)
Light (LM)
Grey (GM)
Spice (SM)
Dark (DM)
White (WM)
Satin White (W)
Natural (NO)
Light (LO)
Grey (GO)
Spice (SO)
Dark (DO)
Mocha (MO)
White (WO)



For a better view of each of our wood
finishes, click on the sample chip on the left.

Dark Maple (DM)
Dark stain on maple wood

Dark Cherry (DC)
Dark stain on cherry wood

Dark Beech (DB)
Dark stain on beech wood

Dark Oak (DO)
Dark stain on oak wood

Spice Maple (SM)
Medium blend stain on maple wood

Spice Cherry (SC)
Medium blend stain on cherry wood

Spice Beech (SB)
Medium blend stain on beech wood

Natural Oak (NO)
No stain, natural oak wood

Natural Maple (NM)
No stain, natural maple wood

Natural Beech (NB)
No stain, natural beech wood

Light Oak (LO)
Light stain on oak wood

Light Beech (LB)
Light stain on beech wood

Satin White MDF (W)
Satin white thermafoil on Medium Density Fiber (MDF)

Spice Oak (SO)
Medium blend stain on oak wood

Light Maple (LM)
Light stain on maple wood

Mocha Beech (MB)
Mocha stain on beech wood

Mocha Cherry (MC)
Mocha stain on cherry wood

Mocha Oak (MO)
Mocha stain on oak wood

Natural Echo Wood™ (NE)

Light Echo Wood™ (LE)

Spice Echo Wood™ (SE)

Mocha Echo Wood™ (ME)

Dark Echo Wood™ (DE)

Grey Oak (GO)
Grey stain on oak wood

Grey Beech (GB)
Grey stain on beech wood

Grey Maple (GM)
Grey stain on maple wood

Grey Echo Wood™ (GE)

White Oak (WO)
White paint on oak wood

White Maple (WM)
White paint on maple wood

NOTE: Colors may vary with settings on your computer monitor/printer. Please view samples at your authorized Jenson Vanities dealer showroom.

  • Jensonís white and grey painted wood product have certain characteristics to them that are different than our stained wood product. Paint finishes are unique because wood grain is oftentimes less noticeable with painted finishes than with a dye based stain finish.
  • Wood expands and contracts due to changes in climate conditions. Because of this, paint finishes may develop slight separation lines around joint areas, mainly on the face frame and doors where joined wood is more common in cabinetry construction.
  • Because of the density variation in hardwoods and veneers, some grain and joints may be visible through the paint finish and subtle changes may occur in time. This is normal. These variations and characteristics are considered to be the nature of the material in relation to their environmental exposure. They are not considered factory and/or quality defects and are therefor not coverted under Jenson Vanities' Guarantee.
  • While the white thermofoil cabinets have no reveal, all other white or grey painted vanity cabinets with the exception of the MALIBU, will have reveals.
  • White cabinets are constructed with no reveal; that is the drawer front extends nearly flush to the side of the cabinet. Special attention is needed when placing these cabinets against a wall where door casings may prevent drawers from fully opening. A fill strip or different drawer configuration may be necessary.
  • The doors, drawer fronts, and headers of these cabinets are medium density fiberboard covered in a durable thermo foil sheathing that is thermally glued and vacuum-sealed individually.
  • The natural beauty and distinctive appearance of wood cabinetry is derived from the inherent qualities of wood itself. Trees of the same species are affected differently by the climate and elements required for growth. Variations like grain pattern and color variations, and unique markings such as dark mineral streaks and light wood can be present from cabinet to cabinet and within the same door/drawer front and are not considered defects. The only thing consistent about wood is that it is inconsistent. Each cabinet is only a small piece of nature's work of art.
  • Echo Wood™ engineered veneer is made through computer design & technology to reproduce natural wood species without impacting the forests.