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  • Where can I see the Jenson Vanity product line?
  • Most of our dealers have our product on display. Depending on the size of our Dealer's showroom and warehouse, they may have select models in stock and ready to take home. Product that is not in stock at our dealers may be special ordered. Our Dealer Locator can help you determine the closest dealer to your area.
  • Does Jenson Vanities sell direct?
  • We do not sell directly to the public. We are a wholesale manufacturer with dealers set up to sell our product to consumers.
  • What if there is not a Jenson Vanities dealer in my state or close to where I live?
  • If there is not a Jenson Vanities Dealer located in your state, our Dealer Locator will automatically link to a distributor who can help answer your questions.
  • How do I place an order for your product?
  • Orders are received through our dealers via facsimile only.
  • What is your lead time once an order has been placed?
  • Two to two and a half weeks is our standard factory lead time for all orders. This lead time is based on the date an order is received at the factory. Dealer's advertised lead times may be greater. It does not include transportation/transit days from the factory to the dealer, nor does it take into account a hold-for-more-weight to meet a pre-paid freight program for our dealers. Dealers can provide you with a realistic lead time once an order has been placed. When the factory receives an order, the dealer will receive a returned fax confirming receipt of the order AND an estimated ship date.
  • What if I need a product faster than your standard lead time?
  • We are a Just-In-Time factory; that is everything is made to order. Our parts inventory is maintained for keeping a consistent lead time, allowing for unplanned situations like shipping delays and product shortages, and is primarily based on our incoming orders. On certain occasions depending on current customer orders AND the availability of parts, we may be able to rush an order through. We can not guarantee rush orders, these must go through our dealers on a case by case basis. We take great pride in making sure product is properly prepared and finished, so rush order lead times will vary depending on drying and curing requirements and other factors mentioned above.
  • How is your product packaged?
  • Our product is carefully inspected for quality control prior to packaging. They are secured in strong, corrugated cardboard boxes with appropriate Styrofoam spacers and protective wrapping as needed. Fill Strips, Toe-Kick-Plates, and Trim Strips are delivered in protective clear wrap. All product is clearly marked with the model number, a UPC code, dealer's address, and the date of manufacture stamped on the box. Door and drawer knobs on applicable cabinets are packaged separately in a bag and either taped to the back brace or an inside shelf of the cabinet. This practice prevents knobs from punching through the boxes during transit. Medicine cabinet mirrors are packaged with protective cardboard spacers between adjacent mirrors to prevent chipping, they get taped together to hold them securely in place. Read installation instructions and double check the pivot hinges of all medicine cabinet mirrors prior to mounting them to a wall as some mirrors may come loose during transit.
  • Where is the product shipped from?
  • All Jenson Vanities product is manufactured in and shipped from San Francisco, California. We use reliable and efficient trucking companies, local and common carrier, to insure product is safely delivered to our dealers.
  • What steps does Jenson Vanities take to insure product is handled properly?
  • We provide our own load locks to trucks that need them to insure our product remains locked down in the trucks during transportation. In an effort to reduce in-transit damage and safeguard our shipments, we adopted the use of SHOCKWATCH products on targeted items requiring special care and handling. This system is designed to activate by turning red when the carton/pallet receives a specified level of impact, and has proven to be quite successful; alerting handlers to be especially careful in handling these items. Additionally, we keep the receiving departments of our dealers informed with periodic memos listing suggestions and recommendations on how to handle our product.
  • Can I have product shipped directly to my house?
  • Product is shipped directly to our dealers. Out of state deliveries through our distributor may be able to arrange on site deliveries. Inquire directly with them.
  • How should I store product if my bathroom is not ready?
  • Avoid storing product where extreme temperature changes occur. Keep them in a controlled environment in original packaging to prevent accidental damages during construction and remodeling work. Do not allow the boxes to get wet. Pay particular attention to the warning on vanity top boxes as it relates to heat and keep all product stored in boxes with the red arrows facing upward.
  • How do I care for and clean your cabinets?
  • See the Vanity Product Care guide on our web site.
  • What is MDF?
  • MDF is an acronym for Medium Density Fiberboard. With the exception of the Marina style vanity, the doors, drawers, and headers of our white cabinets are constructed with MDF. Essentially these are engineered boards that can be routed like solid wood. MDF is a very stable board that does not warp like solid wood can. They have a laminate layer that is thermally glued to conform to the routed details; they are very durable and easy to clean.
  • What are the main differences between the STANDARD, TALL, and PREMIERE vanities?
  • The STANDARD and TALL vanities are constructed the same way, the difference between them is the STANDARD vanities are 31" tall and the TALL vanities are at 33-3/4" tall. Both of these vanities have ½" finished plywood drawer boxes, with dove-tail joinery and utilize side mounted, epoxy coated Euro-style drawer glides.

    The PREMIERE upgraded vanities are constructed at the taller premium comfort height of 33-3/4" tall and except as noted below, are only available in the 21" deep vanities. A soft-close cushion mounted inside the cabinet's face frame prevents door slams, allowing the door to close softly and silently. The full extension drawer boxes of these vanities are constructed with ½" solid beech wood with dove-tail joinery and include under-mount, soft-close drawer slides. 18" deep vanities that do not have drawers, only doors, may be upgraded to PREMIERE; these will have the upgraded soft close door cushions.
  • What are your cabinet sides made out of?
  • With the exception of the Marina style vanities, cabinet side panels are constructed of ½" select grade oak, beech, maple, or cherry ½" plywood veneer.
  • Can you make custom sized vanities?
  • We manufacture vanity cabinets in a multitude of standard widths in the two most common standard depths of 18" and 21". We are not set up to alter our cabinets or make special cuts or designs. For custom installations we have a modular program called Bathroom Solutions. Essentially this program is comprised of a series of five different drawer bank widths (12", 15" 18", 21", and 24" each with 4 drawers) and four different widths of sink base vanities (21", 24", 27", and 30", each with 2 doors only). These base cabinets can be used with our linen cabinets, fill strips (available in 3" and 6" widths that can be cut down to size as needed at the job site), trim strips, and suspended drawer units to comprise a vanity specific for your custom installation. The advantage of this program is that many different vanity configurations and sizes can be designed at a much more affordable price than if a custom cabinet maker were to build it for you.
  • What is the face frame constructed out of and how is it put together?
  • We use select northern red oak, white maple, steamed beech, or natural cherry solid stock for our face frames. White vanities use solid stock with a vinyl wrap. Face frames are constructed with double pocket screws to insure square alignment and durability. Face frames are dado routed to accept the side panels.
  • How are the cabinets finished?
  • We use a flat-line, spray finishing system. After parts are cut, sanded and stained, they go through an automated spray booth where a water-resistant, clear catalyzed lacquer is applied in either satin, semi-gloss, or gloss finish.
  • How do I install your cabinets?
  • See the Installation Guide on our web site.
  • What are your vanity tops made of?
  • Our tops are available in cultured marble, cultured onyx, and cultured granite. As their names imply, they have the look of genuine marble, onyx or granite, but they are manufactured with various fillers, resins and catalysts that can be poured into molds for a one piece engineered product. Though it is a less expensive alternative to natural stone, our cultured tops provide equivalent tensile strength to natural stone and they are easier to keep clean and maintain. Our vanity tops have an integrated back splash and sink bowl(s). This eliminates the need for grout/sealant lines which ultimately prevents mold and bacteria from forming in these highly susceptible areas.

    The manufacturing process encompasses several steps. One step uses a non-porous gel-coat on the counters and integrated sink bowls which seals the product. Colorants are added to the polymer/filler matrix of our marble and onyx tops in a random manner which provides a "veining look" to the top; this veining mimics the appearance of real stone. The colorant in our cultured granite is mixed with the gel coat resins and is sprayed on before the polymer/filler matrix is poured into the molds. Our cultured marble tops are only available in a gloss finish. The cultured onyx and granite tops can be manufactured with either a matte/satin finish or the gloss finish.

    This polymer casting process yields a strong, durable vanity top which will resist stains, most chemicals, heat from typical bathroom appliances (like curling irons on proper stands, etc.) and everyday wear and tear.
  • Your Onyx and Marble tops have similar colors, what is the main difference between them?
  • The main difference is appearance. As for durability, our cultured onyx is just as durable as our cultured marble, mainly because they use the same gel-coat manufacturing process. The fillers in the onyx use a blend which tends to make these tops appear more translucent and iridescent, giving the veining a little more 3 dimensional depth. The fillers in the marble are not as translucent. Marble tops will be a little heavier than the onyx tops.
  • Why are there no over-flow holes in your sink bowls?
  • Over-flow holes are not required; they are unsightly, un-gel-coated, un-sanitary (hospitals do not have over-flows in their sinks because they promote mold and bacteria growth), and they are un-necessary.
  • Do you make custom sized vanity tops?
  • Yes we manufacture custom sized vanity tops ranging from 25" up to 97". Double bowl tops start at 55". Custom vanity tops are only available in 22 depths. Due to freight and packaging limits these vanity tops are only available to customers in California. See our custom sized vanity tops section of our web site for more information.
  • Can you make a custom shaped vanity top?
  • Our custom top program is for standard rectangular shaped vanity tops only. We use a pre-built mold that does not allow for bow fronts, banjo-style tops and other custom shapes.
  • Can I order a custom top without a bowl?
  • Yes. Vanity tops without an integrated bowl will have the standard integrated 4" high back splash and one of the three drip-less edge details as indicated in step 4 of our Custom Vanity Top Order Forms. There is a price deduction for vanity tops without bowl(s) which dealers can provide you.
  • Can I cut or drill one of your vanity tops if needed?
  • We do not recommend cutting, drilling or altering our vanity tops.
  • How do I attach a side splash?
  • Use a clear silicone adhesive, like GE 100% silicone adhesive. Because of shrinkage that occurs during the curing process with all cultured marble product, it is impossible to guarantee that side splashes will fit perfectly on our tops. Some sanding may be necessary to insure a good fit. If this is the case, we recommend you scribe and mark the side splash, then belt-sand (using 80 grit sandpaper) to the scribe mark.
  • How do I install your vanity tops?
  • See the Installation Guide on our web site.
  • How do I care for and clean your vanity tops?
  • See the Vanity Tops Product Care guide on our web site.