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You can easily design and install your own custom bathroom following our easy instructions:

  1. Measure the length of the bathroom area where your vanities will be installed.
  2. Measure the distance from the center line of the existing plumbing to the wall.
  3. Next - select the style of vanity you want by viewing those in your dealer's showroom or in the vanities section of this web site.
  4. Now the fun begins - you design the bathroom of your choice. Depending on the area you have to work with, you can literally mix and match cabinets, drawer banks, linen cabinet or a suspended drawer unit in any grouping that is your personal choice.
  5. Don't forget a matching medicine cabinet, toilet topper or over the john cabinet and accessories.

Measuring and Designing Your Bathroom

Lets assume that the length of your bathroom is 82-" long and that the centerline from the faucet to the right wall is 32-". You would like to have a lot of drawer space and a linen cabinet for storage and you have selected the Bayview Series cabinet in a Natural Oak finish, and the cabinets are 21" deep - Now the rest is easy!

Mix and match component sizes until you come up with a total dimension that is the same as the wall dimension or one that is a few inches less - as an example:

  • (B2721-NO) Bayview cabinet with 2 doors - 27" wide by 21" deep, and would be centered at the centerline of the plumbing fixture.
  • (B-DB1821-NO) Bayview Drawer Bank - (two banks) 18" wide by 21" deep, with one to the left and one to the right of the above cabinet.
  • (BLC1821-NO-HL) Bayview Linen Cabinet - Hinged left - 18" wide by 21" deep which would go next to the drawer bank of the left.

The total dimension of the above four components is 81". The difference of 1-" can be filled with a Filler Strip and a Trim Strip (if necessary). Our dealer's salesman will help with the final details.

If additional cabinet height is desired, we suggest building a frame using 2 x 3's (1" wide x 2" high).

Installation Instructions

  1. Pre-drill six 3/16" holes through face frame of drawer bank.
  2. Clamp face frame of drawer bank and cabinet together (be sure to protect the finish).
  3. Use #8 flathead wood screws 2½" long to secure the cabinets and filler strip together (TIP - dip screws in soap or wax to make driving screws easier).
  4. After positioning the cabinets against the wall, shim and level as required, locate studs in wall and secure cabinets to wall with screws through the back brace of cabinet.
  5. Cut toe kick plate to size and attach.
Installation Detail